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Do Something Different in Cape Town
Paddle the warm waters of False Bay with us and we'll show you some amazing things. We offer trips from the sedate to the adventurous but our most popular trip is to visit the penguins at Boulders Beach.

We paddle every day of the year, weather permitting - not just the summer. The winter months are also wonderful for paddling because winter has more calm windless days than summer and on those days it is absolutely beautiful. Plus there is always a chance of seeing whales.
Cape Point Sea Kayak Trip
The trip starts 8.30am and normally runs weekdays only.
Winter is the best time for this trip as it can often be too windy during summer. It is also not normally run during December/Jan holiday season.
Duration 4-6 hours.
Cost R950 per person. Advance booking is required. email to book this trip.

Paddle in the vicinity of this, the fairest Cape. View the dramatic Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope, as it was seen by thousands of sailors throughout history - from the sea. We will often spot a whale or some dolphins, all seeking the protection of False Bay. This trip is aimed at the fit and energetic and some experience is recommended. Depending on conditions there is also the option of transiting around Cape Point, the Cape of Storms, and the Cape of Good Hope - one of the Everests of the world's oceans.

We meet at the jetty in Simons Town and we drive from there to where the paddle starts, and ends, in the Cape Point Reserve at Buffels Bay. We traverse the high cliffs of Cape Point checking out the cave and then round the spectacular point that is the south-westernmost tip of Africa.

The trip leaves from a beach at the lower right hand side of the picture above. We follow the coastline and round Cape Point at the bottom left of the picture. Depending on conditions and time we continue around to see the Cape of Good Hope and return to the start point.

This trip is obviously highly weather dependent and it is a great help if your itinerary is flexible. If you are a tourist the best plan is to book the trip for the first day of your Cape Town stay. If it is postponed due to the conditions then perhaps you can move around one of your less weather dependent activities and shift this excursion to a day of good weather.

email to book this trip.

Cape Point Trip Comments

"This trip was a real wow. We have dreamt of paddling round Cape point for many a year and our experience really lived up to our dream. At first with the mill pond conditions we thought the trip might be less than exciting but were very wrong. With a 4/ 5 metre swell round the point and waves coming in all directions this was an unforgettable experience topped off by the phenomenal views and the added bonus of a kayaking into a sea cave. We were very well looked after - the leadership and company were brill and what was left of the sandwiches and snacks after the baboons had had their share went down very well. We left South Africa for the UK only hours after the trip ended but the memories will stay with us for a very long time."
Sue, Glasgow

The kayak trip to Cape Point was absolutely brilliant. As a first time Kayaker it is an amazing way to see the Cape - much better than in a crowded tourist bus. Paddling round the Cape on its own would have been great but the whales made it truely special. To see Southern Rights breaching from a kayak is quite something - the tourists in the restaurant at Cape Point must have got some interesting pictures of kayaks and whales. Can't recommend Derek's trip highly enough!
Francis, Aberdeen

I want to thank you once again for the wonderful kayaking experience Harriet and I had with you last week! It was a privilidge to be so near to the whales and how the showed us from their best side breaching right in front of us. Thanks.
Margot and Harriët, den Haag Holland

Our kayaking trip to Cape Point was without a doubt the highlight of our holiday in South Africa. The equipment was excellent, the day was very well planned and Derek provided just the right level of tuition to us novice kayakers. The views of the coast and Cape Point itself were beautiful and we were accompanied for much of our 4 hours on the water by at least three curious Southern Right Whales. The whales came very close to investigate us and even put on a display of spectacular breaching. Quite something to behold from kayak level!
Steve & Becky, currently Baku

Thanks for a great day on the water. Aside from the football itself, all 3 of us agreed that sea kayaking was the best part of our trip. It really was better than the shark diving. That may or may not have had to do with the beautiful weather we had for kayaking vs. the cold/wet weather for the cage diving, but we truly did all agree that it was our favorite activity of the trip. Feel free to quote me on your site. And we were able to make the game. We were literally just sitting down in our seats when Portugal scored their first goal, so we were able to see all 7, it worked out really well. Thanks for all of your help with that.
Tim, Cleveland Ohio

Just to say thanks again for our terrific trip around Cape Point. Definitely one of the highlights of our trip to South Africa. To witness Cape Point from the same point of view as the seals was an exhilarating experience, worth missing a Brazil v Holland world cup quarter final for!
Seán and Colette, Ireland

This was a very memorable adventure. Weather dependent – I was delayed after heading out to take a “closer look” at the conditions – not a problem as there were whales just offshore from the launch point, while we were deciding about the conditions and I had a great hike in Cape Pt park as a backup option. The next day dawned sunny with just light winds. Perfect, so we got off to a reasonably early start. The paddle out gradually gets more spectacular, with plenty to look at be it jellyfish, cormorants, herons on the shore, or just admiring the cliffs and Cape Scenery. The point itself was not a struggle in such good conditions, but with a big swell running underneath us, and the cliffs towering so high above, it was a very inspiring place to be in a kayak. There was a lot of life out there; including close flybys of cape gannets, 3 large petrels, and a couple of seals. Thanks to Derek for good guiding, photography and for taking me out without other clients at that time. If you are a sea kayaker, I would definitely recommend this trip – just give yourself a few days for the right weather to really be able to relax and enjoy it.
Glenn McKinlay, New Zealand


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